Anónimo SAID:
How do you feel about toni kroos and James? Love your blog btw.

I think Toni Kroos has done a more than decent job so far, he seems to be adapting pretty well & hopefully that continues on. He’s personally grown~ on me as well. James in the past two matches seems to be gelling more with the team & settling into Spanish football. Thanks!

Anónimo SAID:
since you mentioned you don't like to be harassed by anons i thought i'd drop you some anon love :) love your blog <3 <3 <3


Interview Ramos after Deportivo de la Coruña (2-8) Real Madrid | 20-09-14

Chicharito celebrates with Isco after scoring his team’s seventh goal during the La Liga match against Deportivo La Coruña.

Chicharito’s first goal vs Deportivo (+ first goal with Real Madrid) | 20.09.2014 

Ronaldo’s third goal vs Deportivo | 20.09.2014

Ronaldo’s second goal vs Deportivo | 20.09.2014

James’ goal vs. Deportivo de La Coruña | 20.09.2014

Ronaldo’s first goal vs Deportivo| 20.09.2014